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Clive Ingham has recently been put up as a nomination for ITV’s Pride of Britain Award for Local Hero.

ITV Calendar recently came up to Mixenden Activity Centre to do an interview with him in his every day life. The centre was a buzz of activity with water sports, climbing and archery all happening that evening with peer mentors helping out at every turn.

Clive has run the activity centre for 2 decades, getting young people to work together to give them a sense of responsibility and purpose. His efforts are much appreciated by everyone who has passed through the centre doors.

For 20 years Clive Ingham has helped the young people to work together, giving the members a role of responsibility by enabling them to make their own decisions about how the club is run.

“Clive comes along with the programmes and staff team and gets these kids re-engaged and back into mainstream education. He is on that level where he can talk to them and work out what they want to do, learning in a way that is fun and enjoyable”  Marcus Irving – Senior Instructor

Clive has helped the young people set up a mentoring scheme where older members are trained to support younger ones, ensuring the club continues for the next generation.

“I was brought up with the chance of doing these activities, I know how much fun they are and through the work I’ve done, I see the smiles on their face[s] and that’s the best reward I can have really.”  Clive Ingham

The young people who use the centre on regular occasions had nothing but praise for Clive and the work he does.

“He is just an amazing person. I’m sure all of the other nominees are good but I think that Clive deserves it more.”

“I have a lot of fun doing it and it’s just amazing!”

“He is really good. The people that come here have different backgrounds and they come to get away from all that because it makes them have fun and they can forget about it…”

 But, like many unsung heroes, Clive is a little over whelmed by his nomination for the Pride of Britain Awards. For him, seeing the results in the people he works with is reward enough.

“Do I deserve it? It’s the team that does it and these young people here, the Peer Mentors, they’ve done all the work.  I’d love it, it’s new, it’s fresh and these young people show in their faces and their behaviour and attitude what they’re getting out of it.  It’s what keeps me coming back for more” Clive Ingham



The Pride of Britain Awards will be presented at the ceremony on Monday the 29th of October.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will see Clive there.