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Over the past few months I have became a member of the Orange Box Youth Board. Orange Box is a new, exciting, modern youth centre full of great activities! A couple of weeks ago I helped interview people for the centre manager role, I asked questions and did a tour around the site,  From this I learned valuable traits for interviews i.e. good things to put on my CV. I really enjoyed the day and meeting the really friendly candidates who showed me the amount of respect you would to an adult.

  After that me and my fellow Youth Board members are helping to plan and organise the grand opening of Orange Box. This includes applying for funding and arranging fun ways for young people to get involved. My idea was ‘The Great Calderdale Bake-Off’  so far I’ve created the marking scheme, the rules and other details of the event. At the moment I am designing a poster to promote the bake off and do market research on events like it. I can’t wait for the centre to open it will open so many doors for less fortunate young people and will really make Halifax more young people friendly.

Written by Emma Cowan